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Andy is the head coach for Surfing Australia. He was assaulted and woke up in hospital a week later with two fractured cochleas, no equilibrium and a completely different life ahead of him. No one expected him to surf again Ω

Alice wanted to become a National Parks ranger, then a pilot because she wanted to be like a bird, then a veterinary surgeon so she could work with animals, but after a taste of field research work, she knew being a zoologist, or rather an ornithologist, was what she wanted to become! Ω

Cindy-Lu Bailey OAM is one of Australia's Top 100 Sportswomen. In this video interview she talks about her career as a swimmer and the dedication and commitment required to excel at the international level as a deaf person. Ω

Gerry was the first deaf person to sail around the world single-handed in 2013 in what was described as a “wonderful example of perseverance over disability” Ω



Top tips for teachers working with students with hearing loss

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Do you use captions in the classroom? Captions assists all students in your class. Captions improve literacy skills.

The cap that! captioned for learning national campaign can tell you how to set up captions in your classroom and use them effectively across all subject areas. Ω     

Find out more about using captions and the Australian Curriculum and where to find captioned material. Ω

Make a difference through accessibility

Let's educate the next generation about accessibility so all content is accessible to everyone.

Do you know the inbuilt accessibility features in apple and window products? If your school uses apple products make sure you check the accessibility features. Ω

If your school uses Windows make sure you check the accessibility features. Ω

Hear Today, Hear Tomorrow

A school curriculum based hearing health program. Ω

Online teacher training

Do you want to know more about supporting  students with a hearing loss  in your classroom? Understanding Hearing Loss is  an online training course for all teachers and staff  to support students with all types of hearing loss in their classroom. Contact your local education authority to find out about joining this course.


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